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All camps begin on Monday and end Friday afternoon

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​Stuck during development?

Did you encounter a technical problem during the development process that has not been resolved for a long time? Welcome to our paid consultation!

​Online Consultancy Service

​Ask steps

  1. Prepare your development questions, as detailed and complete as possible, with pictures/videos recommended.

  2. Please send your questions to .

  3. Please write in the subject of the email: "Online Consultant Inquiry" + your question.

  4. After we read your message, we will give you a simple reply asking whether to proceed to the next stage, which is free up to this point (if the problem is beyond our ability, we will reply in the reply that we cannot accept this problem).

  5. If it is confirmed to undertake, we will clarify the complexity of the problem and reply to your quotation.

  6. If you agree to accept the quotation, we will understand the problem online and provide you with directions to solve your problem.

​Consulting fee  From NTD 7000


  1. The one-time fee will only solve one group of problems. If there are multiple groups of problems, we will evaluate and quote separately according to the situation of the problem.

  2. If your engineer level is not enough, we may not be able to implement the suggested direction. If you need in-house training, you can refer to our " Enterprise Training Service ".

  3. This service does not write programs. If you need someone to develop it, you can refer to our " software development service ".

  4. For assignments assigned by the school, we also do not provide "submission", but according to your needs, we provide "customized software development training", you can refer to our " customized private school service ".

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